The Future of Social Media Marketing – Meme Marketing


No matter if you’re scrolling on social media as a brand or just as your personal account, you can’t escape the millions of memes that are posted daily.

Meme marketing has quickly become one of the most powerful tools when it comes to social media marketing strategies. With social media continually on the rise, this unique type of marketing has transformed hundreds of brands’ social media accounts.

Memes originally started off as inside jokes, used to send between friends and family online. Fast forward a couple of years, they are now being used by brands to boost their following and engagements. With the ability to go viral and increase business exposure, memes are being utilised worldwide.

What are memes?

A meme is a joke or catchphrase that is shared online for humorous purposes. They are usually in the format of an image, but can also be posted as videos.

How do you use memes as part of your brand strategy?

As a company thinking of using memes for the first time on your page, you need to put some thought behind what you are going to be posting. In order for your memes to be successful, you need to ensure the memes you create are on-brand and relatable to your audience. If your audience doesn’t engage with the content, then there is no chance that it will perform. Don’t forget that your existing followers follow you for a reason, therefore you need to make sure that your memes are hitting the correct demographic. For example, if you are a kitchen brand, find kitchen-related memes and if you are a hair and beauty company, make sure your content is related to hair and beauty.

Here are some great examples of memes used on Swan – a kitchen appliance company. As you can see, their memes are kitchen and home-related, therefore resonating with their audience and hitting the exact demographic.

All in all, memes are highly effective on social media accounts for brands. They drive traffic and create engagement on a page, converting users into followers who then could potentially become customers. If you’d like meme content creation or would like to discuss your social media strategy, please email me at!

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