Instagram’s New Feature To Help Content Creators’ Engagement


You may have noticed that TWO accounts can now post at once on Instagram using their brand-new feature?!

As Instagram becomes bigger and better than ever, the app has now introduced its latest feature to the platform, Instagram ‘collabs’, meaning two accounts can partner together on a post or reel at the same time, with the same comments underneath! Ultimately, the aim of ‘collabs’ is to help content creators collaborate with each other to gain more engagement.

This exciting collaborative feature is currently being tested in the UK and India, but there is no word yet of it being rolled out to other countries.

How to use the Instagram ‘Collab’ feature:

  1. Open Instagram and go on post photos, video or reels
  2. After editing, you’ll get an option to tag users
  3. Click on ‘tag people’ and you’ll be able to invite another creator by clicking ‘invite collaborator’
  4. Simply search for who you want to collaborate with and wait until they accept the request. The creator’s page must be public to use this feature
  5. Once the request has been accepted, the creator’s name will be added as the tagged person and will appear in the header section of your post


What do you think of this new feature on Instagram? Will you be using it on your Instagram account? Let me know in the comments!

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