We reach millions of people every day with our proactive original programming.

We reach millions of people every day with our proactive original programming.

The ultimate heart-warming content, This is My Life boasts an incredible viewership of over 3.3M views and a positive energy for It’s Gone Viral.




The This is My Life series is inclusive of different ways which people live and celebrates their achievements in life. With interviews spanning those who live with Cerebral Palsy, prosthetic limbs and Tourettes, it makes for incredible viewing for our audience.

Todd, for example, has Down Syndrome, but it doesn’t affect his job as a scaffolder. We interviewed with him and his incredibly trusting and welcoming boss as part of a series which brings those who don’t let what many see as a setback impact them.

Thanks to Todd’s incredible story, the episode boasts 2.2M views on Facebook alone with over 116K engagements from a supportive and inclusive audience. KOMI’s original series are innovative and are successful not only in terms of numbers, but create relationships between us and powerful people who have incredibly empowering stories.

views on Episode 1 alone
series views across the various episodes

"Hugely proud of the team at KOMI Group for the work they put in on this! A massive thank you and huge amount of respect goes out to Martyn Coles and Todd for everything they do every day and letting us coming and follow their journey!"

James Wiles
KOMI, Senior Video Producer
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