KOMI CEO, Andrew Trotman (pictured) and Head of Agency, Jay Manaley recently joined long term client Swan (David Foulstone) in a deep dive chat, discussing product launches using social media. 


If you missed the session, below are some of the key takeaways which includes some future predictions in the social space, that might take you by surprise. 😉


Why Swan took on KOMI to help with their socials? 

“We know social media was important but not sure why. We found that everyone was posting the same stuff (arty photography) so with TikTok launched and growing fast (back then) we spoke to KOMI and it developed into not just individual posts they created for us but also strategy. As we want to be a publisher first too in our industry, it was a perfect partnership. They are part of the team, not just an agency. 

  • David Foulstone, Marketing Director, Swan Products. 



Is there a better social platform for launching a brand or product?  

“There is something called platform lifecycle. When a new platform launches and a publisher has videos, you get all this great reach and the platform will push you in front of people. Then, as the platforms matures, they start advertising more and you start getting squeezed for your reach. And then the next one comes along - same again, and same again. On the TikTok lifespan we are much earlier for our clients like Swan, so for that time (when we took them on) it was the best. 

“With that said, they all have their part in a launch weather that be teasers to full campaign release. Being able to chop the content up and be relevant to each platforms is key and cost effective.  

“If I had to pin on one though then as TikTok is the newest it is probably where the opportunity is due to this life cycle theory.” 

  • Andrew Trotman, KOMI Group, CEO 



What needs to be in place before launching products 

“It is a massive advantage if you have a community to launch into but it's not an absolute necessity. Paid ads on social is an option.  

The most important part of an advert is the creative. A ‘ghost ad’ (aka ad serviced to someone whom has never seen your brand before) will be automatically get scrolled past. A community will automatically give the ad time of day. So paid alongside organic is the perfect combo. “ 

  • Andrew Trotman, KOMI Group CEO 


“One of the first things we did on Instagram heavily was think about how to build the community. What we ended up doing was adding stickers to all our products which encouraged those that bought to join, take a pic/video and enter a giveaway. We were getting the community to do the hard work for us and got so much user generated content to use.”  

  • David Foulstone, Swan Products, Marketing Director 



Discussing future prediction for platforms' ad strategy 

 "Everyone knows that it is the short form content that gets people hooked, but for platforms to create an advertising model, where they want to get to is to have long videos that they can put ads in the middle of. In the data we are seeing from TikTok they are favouring longer form and giving unfair reach to videos over 3 minutes - as they know they need to get to that point where they need to deliver ad space to brands. This is my prediction for Q1 or Q2 next year." 

  • Andrew Trotman, KOMI Group, CEO 



What are we preparing for in the next years 

“Social commerce as a concept is only going to become more of a thing and the platforms are battling out the race to win. TikTok are really close to do that and you can do TikTok shops now. Alongside this, TikTok are spending 30% of revenue on marketing to increase trust when purchasing on their platform – so we believe they will come out on top.' 

In the creator space, this can only increase too and how creators partner with products to sell will evolve with creators aligning more as brand ambassadors and not just one off product pushers.” 

  • Andrew Trotman, KOMI Group CEO 

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