We’re experts in stopping the scroll.

Komi Group

Our mission is our guiding principle, and defines everything that our teams do. What does it mean?
We're building mouse

Building means we’re never standing still. We’ve been obsessively growing media brands since 2016, when our three co-founders started out on Twitter (remember that?).

the most fire

Nobody here wants to just be ‘okay’ at what they do. We use our unfair advantages to push ourselves to be in the top 5% at what we do.

engaged engaged

We’re not after vanity metrics. We’re focused on scroll-stopping, attention-holding, engagement-driven results.

digital audiences iPhone

Digital media and the creator economy is only getting bigger: our unfair advantage is in this field, and that’s why we thrive in it.

in the world globe

Our reach, and our audience, is global; serving clients and audiences on screens around the world.

Even our investors are values-driven. We’re proud to be a BGF-backed organisation.
Smash it every day
Win together
Be a good egg
Own it
Welcome the challenge
We got you

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