KOMI Group adds The Tradesman to its stable of social brands

Posted by James on Mar 8, 2022 9:30:44 AM

The Tradesman – now part of the KOMI portfolio – is the world’s second largest community for tradespeople, with millions of views across its social channels.



KOMI Group has bought the brand and its associated assets from London’s Fix Media.

“The acquisition of The Tradesman is an exciting deal for us as it allows us to enter a new market. It is also an opportunity for us to bolster our existing digital publishing portfolio and provide a highly targeted platform which our clients can use to reach a new and growing community,’ stated Sam Lenehan, Growth and Strategy Director at the KOMI Group.

“Moving forward we will be building on the fantastic work done by Fix Media. The focus will now be using our expert production and sourcing teams to supercharge the brand’s growth over the coming months.”

The Tradesman is one of the 5 fastest growing pages on TikTok, with over 3.4M likes. Its Facebook page, TradesmanBanter has more than 500K followers.

KOMI now is home to some of the UK’s largest online communities dedicated to diverse subjects and interests, including:

🚀 Construction
🚀 Home & Lifestyle
🚀 Wellbeing
🚀 Viral Trends
🚀 Gaming
🚀 Sports
🚀 Animals

If you’d like to use our brands to make yours matter, our expertise through our Agency or license the best content from around the world, get in touch.

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