Traditional Media Meets The Cool Kids – OOH & Social, a true love story.

Posted by Pia Leferink on Oct 31, 2023 1:15:05 PM

First things first: we all agree that no channel within the marketing mix should ever work siloed. A cohesive and intertwined strategic approach is the MVP in-between all those stand-alone channel strategies. And that’s a fact. 


Social joined with OOH is an exciting opportunity for brands to improve how they perform in both regards. It’s true love after all, it goes both ways. Right, hear me out… 

🥰The traditional lover: Amplify your OOH campaign through social 

🥹The new lover: Amplify your social campaign through OOH

The Superpowers 

Before we get into the fun bit, let’s recap the superpowers and weaknesses of both channels so we are on the same page... 

Out Of Home 

💅Non-skippable and unmissable ads 

💅Strategic placement entices impulse purchases in IRL stores


👎Reliant on people being out and about 

👎Fleeing information that is hard to retain 


💅Builds the brand world 

💅Tells the brand story 

💅Connects & engages with the community 


👎Oversaturated platforms make it hard to be seen & stand out


Back to our lovers. We’ve heard and learnt a lot about Social amplifying your OOH campaign in recent years, but let me recap the most important bits before we move on to the new simp on the block. 

Social has the exciting potential to boost the reach of OOH campaigns – especially when they are well-planned and well-fun. With the right strategic approach and clever social-first additions in the content mix, you can help your OOH campaign become the most talked about trending topic on social and beyond – ultimately amplifying the reach and boosting campaign & brand awareness. What a slay! 

The new simp on the block

But this is what we are here for: 

We live in a time where an impactful social presence is more important for brands than ever before. According to Global Web Index, everyday people spend, on average, 2:28 hours on social media wanting to be entertained and served by brands and people alike. Brands have acknowledged this trend and, naturally, have increased marketing budgets accordingly to fuel their social creatives. And they’re only going up!

Source: Statista

So, why not make the most of those masterpieces instead of creating an additional spenny OOH campaign that you will support via social anyway? See what I did there? 

Use the non-skippable superpower that OOH brings to the table and add the authentic brand storytelling that social is the true master of: BAM! You got yourself a dream team (for cheap!) #socialmath

Out of Phone: Billboard

TikTok has identified this opportunity and brings TikTok moments into the physical world with ‘Out of Phone: Billboard’. 

Imagine this: Your best performing TikTok of your current brand campaign on a massive billboard. Bringing the online, offline with the knowledge that your target demographic already enjoys this specific piece of content because you had time to test it online. Sounds nothing but a win to me!

✅Reach an even wider audience with an overperforming creative we know your target audience already loves 

✅Serve multiple touchpoints without added spend for additional creatives

And hey, whilst we are doing all of this, there is also massive potential to drive more followers to your brand’s social channels. Who doesn't like a vanity metric boost to look better next to the competition? Exactly, no one.

Why this works

Social penetrates our offline world more and more. The UIs of apps and services are ingrained in our brains and almost feel familiar which drives a sense of safety and knowing. Marketers around the world have recognised this trend and are leaning into it by merging online, offline and anything in between visually. It's all psychology in the end. 

In the case of TikTok’s ‘Out of Phone’, brands can also capitalise on the cultural relevance of the quirky app, authentic tone of voice of the platform, and disruptive look & feel in an offline world. It's made for the cool kids after all. 

To end on a banger: amplifying your social campaign through OOH is a more cost effective version than the other way around. Social content can be lo-fi and therefore does not need a majorly big production budget. 

So, what are you waiting for?